translator, interpreter and language teacher

I help you reach international audiences by communicating with them in their own language.


I translate various written texts, such as (social) (content) marketing, websites, brochures, newsletters, e-mails, apps,…

Proofreading & Editing

I proofread and edit various written texts.


I consecutively interpret physical or virtual oral meetings between Dutch-speaking companies/individuals and their non-Dutch-speaking customers/partners.

Language classes

I give individual or group lessons tailored to your needs, in which you and/or your employees learn to communicate effectively in Dutch, French or Spanish.
About myself

Sophie Rombouts

Buenos días amigos,


Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui ? Moi, je vais bien, merci !


Oh sorry, you don’t understand me very well… No problem, English it is then! I would like to present you all to a sporty language enthusiast (Well, actually not that sporty. One night you’ll find her sweating in the gym, and the next night she will be devouring chocolate chip cookies on her super comfortable couch. Life is about balance, she guesses. So instead of writing “sporty language enthusiast”, let’s just keep it short: “language enthusiast”). If you hadn’t found out yet, it’s me. The language enthusiast is me.


Or would you rather have me communicating in Dutch/Flemish? No problem at all! I gladly switch between 4 languages without too many problems.

What exactly could I contribute to your business? I work as a freelance translator, interpreter and language teacher in Dutch/Flemish, French, Spanish and English. In terms of translations, I specialize in creative SEO and marketing texts. Funny puns make my heart beat faster (really).


Did this introduction excite you? Then I would love to hear from you!


With multilingual greetings,



What does a collaboration look like?


Let's talk

Together we discuss the details of your project and how I can best bring it to a successful outcome for you.



I will provide you with an obligation-free quote. I always work at competitive market rates.



You have said yes: you give me the 'go' to get started on your project.


Product execution and delivery

I prepare the project, work on it with care and deliver the finished product to you.



You pay for my services at the previously agreed price, without hidden or additional costs.

What clients say

Her flexibility is a great asset
We have been working with Sophie ever since she was a student-entrepreneur. We called on her for the translations of our start-up Dexxter. Both for French and English translations we could count on Sophie. For a start-up like Dexxter, her flexibility is a great asset. She works in a very professional way and always meets the deadline. Great to work with!
Stan De Pauw
Co-founder at Dexxter
stan de pauw
I am happy that I can always count on Sophie and her translations.
As Coöperatie Hoogstraten's marketing plans are expanding towards Wallonia, we have been looking for someone who can help us with the translation of our content. This is how we came into contact with Sophie. I am very satisfied with this collaboration as Sophie is very enthusiastic and flexible. Thanks to her systematic approach, I always receive the translation well before the deadline. I am happy that I can always count on Sophie and her translations.
Jelle Jansen
Marketeer at Coöperatie Hoogstraten
Jelle Jansen
I highly recommend Sophie's language classes!
I highly recommend Sophie's language classes! I took private French lessons (mixed level: intermediate/advanced) to prepare myself for working in a French environment. Since I took French classes in high school and lived in France for a few years, my level was very mixed at the beginning and I didn't feel comfortable with my level. With Sophie's help, I became more confident in my French and she helped me brush up on my grammar and writing skills. The level and topics of the lessons were adapted to my needs and Sophie is a great teacher. I appreciate her patience, fun classes, and flexibility to schedule or reschedule.
Irma Stegmann
Management Trainee in E-mobility at Engie
Irma Stegmann
What a pleasant collaboration!
What a pleasant collaboration! I met Sophie through Voka and we immediately clicked. Sophie is fluent, empathic and takes the time to listen to what you need. She has the power to translate these traits into a quality product. Her sense for excellence and clear and regular communication with me, as a customer, gives confidence and is really an added value.
Andy Nijs
Transformation coach at Andy Nijs
Andy Nijs 2

What countries can you reach with my services?

Countries where Dutch is an official language

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Suriname
  • Aruba
  • Curaçao
  • Sint Maarten

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