CitySafes is a rental provider of highly secure safes for individuals. You can go there to safely store your valuable documents, jewelry, keys, etc. CitySafes currently has 20 locations throughout Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. In the spring of 2022, I revised the texts for their French-language website so that French speakers get accurate information and […]


Dexxter is the ultimate accounting tool for Belgian students and part-time self-employed. They get a handy overview of all their administration and can work completely independently or with the help of a professional bookkeeper: drawing up invoices and quotes, personal taxes, VAT declarations and client lists, etc. Since September 2021, I have been translating for […]


Eola is a small-scale care company offering customized home care in the periphery of Brussels. Their staff is bilingual, and so their website definitely needed to be as well. I revised Eola’s website in Dutch and translated it completely into French, so that both Dutch- and French-speaking care seekers can now read Eola’s website.

Hoogstraten Strawberries

In 2021-2022, I was the regular proofreader and translator of the Hoogstraten Strawberries‘ Instagram page. I corrected the Dutch texts that their marketer wrote himself and made them sound extra smooth. I also translated the Dutch texts into correct and appealing French. Additionally, I translated their many tasty strawberry recipes, so that French speakers could […]

Andy Nijs

Andy Nijs is a super enthusiastic transformation coach who helps business owners and individuals to realise personal growth. On 2 May 2021, he launched his e-book “Be extraordinary. Self-empowerment notebook”. Andy wrote this book himself in English and asked me to proofread and edit his work in English and translate it into fluent Dutch.

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