Eola is a small-scale care company offering customized home care in the periphery of Brussels. Their staff is bilingual, and so their website definitely needed to be as well. I revised Eola’s website in Dutch and translated it completely into French, so that both Dutch- and French-speaking care seekers can now read Eola’s website.

URGO Laboratoires

URGO Laboratoires is a company of French origin that develops and markets medical products. The Belgian branch of the company is now also targeting the Dutch-speaking market. Urgo contacted me in May 2021 to translate their French product descriptions into clear and fluent Dutch. I’ve been regularly doing so ever since.

Hoogstraten strawberries

Since Valentine’s Day 2021, I have been the regular proofreader and translator of Hoogstraten strawberries’ Instagram page: @hoogstraten.aardbeien. I improve the Dutch texts written by their marketeer and make them look extra smooth. In addition, I translate these Dutch texts into correct and appealing French.

ENGIE: Irma Stegmann

Irma Stegmann is a management trainee in e-mobility at ENGIE. Irma is Dutch and was transferred to ENGIE’s French-speaking department in Paris in the summer of 2020. She was not yet very comfortable in French and therefore came to me for French language lessons. I worked out about 15 tailor-made lessons for her, in which we focused on her working points: writing skills and grammar.

Andy Nijs

Andy Nijs is a super enthusiastic transformation coach who helps business owners and individuals to realise personal growth. On 2 May 2021, he launched his e-book “Be extraordinary. Self-empowerment notebook”. Andy wrote this book himself in English and asked me to proofread and edit his work in English and translate it into fluent Dutch.

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